Seminar Organization

In 2014, the PPGAA held a thematic seminar entitled "Knowledge and Law: Dialogues between Academia and Social Movements", organized in conjunction with the Law Graduate Program, bringing together students, professors, external guests and representatives of traditional communities, extractivists and family farmers. The event was also attended by leaders of the National Commission of Traditional Peoples and Communities, as well as the Deputy Prosecutor, Déborah Duprat, the Attorney General's Office-MPF and Professor Carlos Marés from PUC-Paraná. As a product of this seminar, in 2015, a special dossier, with the same title of the event, was published in the magazine Fragmentos de Cultura of PUC Goiás and the Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Goiás, with Qualis Interdisciplinar B3. This issue was published in June 2015, bringing together student and teacher publications from various PPGs. The event also led to a closer relationship with UFOPA faculty in Santarém, resulting in participation in banking and joint publication.